Our menus are carefully tailored to healthy eating guidelines. This ensure  children get their five a day from fruits and vegetables served daily in the nursery.  

Meals and snacks provided at the Meadowside Preschool Nursery are freshly prepared on site daily by our professional cook Janet. Meadowside Nursery aim to support and encourage a healthy well balanced diet in line with NHS healthy eating guidelines. More details about what young people need for a balanced growth and development can be found here ‌

Ofsted says:

“The nursery promotes children’s good health by making sure they receive a nutritious diet and daily opportunities for fresh air and exercise”  May 2017

We hold and continue to uphold food hygiene rating of five rating (5*) for the last 7 years which  is a testament to the high professionalism and comprehensive knowledge displayed by our nursery cooks, past and current.

Lunch menu at Meadowside includes a variety of foods from the main food groups that provides key nutrients for a growing child. The children enjoy foods from a variety of cultures and tastes which further enhances the children’s palate and a greater understanding of their environment.

As part of our settling in process when you enrol your child, your child key-person will ask for details of any food allergies, dislikes and preferences and communicate this information to the nursery cook. This  system ensure that the nursery cook and all of our early years practitioners can guarantee that children do not get foods they are allergic to or that their parents do not want them to eat.

We operate termly menu plan on a three week rota basis. Alternative arrangement is always available on daily basis to ensure all children’s need are met.

Check the links below for our detailed menu plan.

Summer 2017 meal plan

Autumn 2017 meal plan

Spring 2018 meal plan