The Curriculum

The curriculum follows Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which is the Governments Statutory Framework that promotes the learning and development of children from birth to 5 years of age. 

The extensive knowledge and expertise of our staff alongside the rich environment provided, supports the learning and development of each individual child by providing a wide range of teaching and learning opportunities, activities and resources.

Through their play your child will be learning new skills, acquiring knowledge and developing their understanding in the 7 areas of learning and development identified in the EYFS. These areas help to build the foundations for your child to achieve.

We hold parent evening regularly throughout the year to give you the opportunity to sample the activities and to speak to your child’s key person directly, identifying exactly how and what learning is achieved through simple activities such as mark making, sensory exploration,  playing with building blocks and looking at family photos among others.

How are parents/carers included in the child’s education & curriculum? 

Parent’s communication is valued on daily basis. The key person work together with the parents to ensure that every child’s learning is supported. At the initial settling in sessions the parents/carers will work with the key person to settle the child into the nursery. Throughout this time the key person will complete the information sheet to understand the child’s individual routines, needs, interests and abilities.

Parents are encouraged to work together with the key person completing observations and activities for home to keep them informed of new interests so that this can be incorporated in the activities that are planned for that child. The parents will be invited to attend regular meetings to review the child’s progress. Every child has their own learning journal that the parents can view at any time. The parents are encouraged to add their views and comments.

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Transitions & how Meadowside support you and your child?
When a child first starts at the nursery the key person will work with the parent to devise appropriate times for the child to settle into the nursery at their own pace.

Transitions are a key time for any child, and start right from day 1 when a child first enroll at nursery through to when they move rooms as they grow to when they leave nursery for school or other setting. Throughout the various stages, key person ensures that these transitions are well planned and supported. OfSTED says….

“There is a relaxed and happy atmosphere within the nursery. Children enjoy close relationship with their key-persons who help them feel settled, secured and therefore ready to learn”………………..OfSTED 2017.

  • When a child transitions from one room to another room throughout their time at Meadowside Nursery, the key person works with the new key person to relay and hand over relevant information for that child.  The child will have a range of settling in sessions (visits) into the next age range to secure successful transitions. The new key person will ensure that the child’s interests and needs are catered for and that the child is well adjusted to their new room and peers. We will continue to engage with the parent to ensure they are happy for the move to take place before finalising the room move.
  • At the end of preschool year when a child is ready to transition to School, we work with local schools to arrange for the new teachers visits into the nursery to meet the key person and all relevant transition supporting documents are completed and relayed to the School to ensure a smooth transition takes place for all children.
  • We current have a robust transition arrangement with Sutherland Primary school. We are also seeking to extend this partnership to Newstead, Meadow and Ash Green Primary schools.